A number of women have hugely inspired me this month.

Firstly Sam Baker, talented former editor of Cosmopolitan paired with radio guru Lauren Laverne, for The Pool online magazine. Over a year ago they launched this concept with commercial prowess, great brands and great contributors and even timed every news drop to fit in with their audience and their lifestyle – just like radio – Brilliant!.They talk directly to the customer as we do in radio – a bit like one person in your ear at a time. They time the news feeds to fit around busy women’s lifestyles from dawn news to dusk entertainment – they fill your imagination with culture or current affairs throughout your day feeding different news and targeted messages – – no wonder they won the Drum best online magazine giving those glossies a run for their money!

On a different note- if we can just talk equality, sexism and stereotypes briefly just to really get it out there – just look at the country of Iceland and their school policy and low gender gap. Progressive for women but not just a purely feminist paradise – I am sure I read somewhere that young girls are encouraged to have courage and physical strength from 3 years old and boys are taught to communicate…I say start them young and the adults will surely benefit…because seriously I have met a lot of grown-up women who lack confidence and really think they can’t do stuff whilst don’t men mostly really feel they can!! Come on girls of all ages – give whatever it is a try!.

And another women who has inspired me this month is Whoopi Goldberg who is soon to be in London for her own show – I would jump for joy for a face to face interview with her – what an interesting woman!. Call me Whoopi!!!

And lastly – Oh my goodness – La La Land – Unexpected and hopelessly romantic (I’ve seen it twice!) – The music is addictive (I have pre-ordered the piano music sheet!) but Ryan I heard you only learnt to play the piano for the film – awesomely attractive skill. Really beautiful movie with great soundtrack and story of hopes, dreams and romance in a great setting. See if immediately and up there with Titanic and all the big movies – is it 14 nominations at the Oscars – can’t wait to hear how many you get!

Talk soon